Editing Ireland, Editor Tipperary

Write better, not more

People often make mistakes when they write. Some struggle with grammar; others use too many words or lose sight of what they really want to say. I tidy language and fix your mistakes.

Word Works offers three levels of editorial service:


I cut out jargon and excess to deliver crisp, simple copy. I write to fit the purpose. Typically, this would be for an annual report, other corporate report or newsletter.


If you need a pedantic, nit-picking copy-editor, that’s Word Works. I take responsibility for punctuation, typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, while watching over details and continuity issues.


Proofreading is the last stage, and involves working on the final proofs of a publication (e-text or hard copy) with all elements – type, photos and illustrations – in place. At this stage, Word Words checks accuracy, pagination, audio, visual or navigation links.

Please take a look at portfolio.

Note: I do not evaluate works of fiction. I recommend you have your dialogue, characters, pacing and plot reviewed by peer group, specialist fiction editor and/or literary agent. I do proofread fiction.