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DesignFest 2016

I got lots of compliments on promotional material I produced for DesignFest in November 2016 – logo, flyer, poster and large banner. This event was promoted by Tipperary County Council, Tipperary Enterprise Board, Limerick Institute of Technology and the Arts Council.

DesignFest 2016

I was delighted to work with the DesignFest team to produce this year’s logo and all promotional material. What a buzz. What a stimulating festival it was! I am amused that ‘design thinking’ did not cross my agenda until July 2016 and now I see it everywhere. Design thinking is the new way to innovate! A great line-up of speaker and events. Design is the way to distinguish yourself and your ideas or products…. a way also to promote social change (as illustrated by the “Repeal” sweatshirt campaign. And what great training in design is on offer on the LIT Campus in Clonmel!

Ground rules provide basis for consistency

My first ‘real’ job was doing research in a financial publishing house, Euromoney Publications, in London. After a while checking facts and keying in figures for a database, I progressed to writing up market reports for publication to deadline.

That was where I first learned about rules or guidelines on style and grammar. Being a language graduate, I diligently applied house rules to my writing. I instinctively knew they were important for consistency, accuracy and clarity in grammar and punctuation.

I got an excellent grounding in writing skills in that first job and apply many of those principles in my writing and editing work to this day. While certain clients have particular house styles, I am generally guided by the following rules or conventions. (Naturally, I use either American or British spelling and style depending on the client, but that is a topic for a separate discussion.)

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